About QPay

Gateway to Digital Payment.

QPay Pvt. Ltd., incorporated and registered in Nepal has brought forward mobile based payment solution. Our solution facilitates merchants to accept payments via their mobile phones for the products and services rendered. QPay provides a mobile based payment solution and has open up new frontier in the payment system. We aim to utilize cutting edge technology to provide simplified payment solution to all the stakeholders (operators, consumers and merchants). Our solution sees the benefit to digitize the payment system and is focused to increase convenience and enhance payment security for the users.

Mobile E-wallet

Our solution adds a third dimension to the existing payment mechanism that is done using cash and card. We are here to simplify the payment system by using a mobile as a wallet. With this application consumer can easily make the payment for the goods and services purchased and rendered. Bill payment and fund transfer becomes simple and systematic with the usage of this App.

Extensive Service Channel

We also ensure that there won’t be any hassle with regards to settling the cash. So, in order to make settlement process more systematic we have aligned with different financial institutions. We will be issuing a QPay card which is similar to the SCT card, to merchants that will help them to withdraw their funds in an easy way.

QPay Consumer App Features

Qpay Consumer App has following unique features.


This feature allows users can also add their debit cards in their payment list and can use these cards for various purchases in retail shop without swiping debit or credit card.


This feature will allow QPay consumers to top-up their QPay wallet; merchant will receive certain revenue for each top-up performed by them.

NearBy Deals

With this unique feature merchant can promote their products and/or services using QPay platform (such as product offers, specials, discounts and others).

NearBy Shops

With this unique feature QPay will broadcast merchant locations to its consumers hence providing an opportunity for additional market visibility for merchants.

Fund Transfer

This feature allows the QPay users to send money to any of the QPay users instantly. This feature has the ability to transfer the small value funds between two QPay users within the QPay network.

Bill Payment

This feature will allow the consumers to make the payment of their utility bills with just a click.

“QPay- A Gateway to Digital & Hassle Free Payment System

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